New Enrollments

5 Step Enrollment Process

  • Schedule Tour
  • Complete Tour
  • Complete Registration
  • Complete Testing (Grades 1 - 8)
  • Receive Placement

You may like what you see online or on paper, but you never really know until you experience something for yourself.  Our enrollment process always starts with touring the facility and optionally scheduling a shadow day for prospective students.  First hand experience of who/what we are as a school speaks more than words on a website or post on social media.  If your experience is exactly what you've been looking for, we go to the next step of completing the placement test and registration forms.  Many factors may affect the timeline for new enrollments. During our open enrollment period, the process may span a week. During the school year, it can take longer to find an appropriate time to start a student for a smooth transition. 

Continuing Enrollments

One Step Re-Enrollment Process

  • Complete Registration

Continuing enrollment is a simple process.  Around January enrollment will open for the next year.  Current families receive first priority to complete their registration and pay registration fees in order to reserve their spot.  After a couple weeks the enrollment opens to the public and new students will begin to fill spots in the classroom.  It's important to get your registration in early, so you don't lose your spot. 

Enrollment Documents